Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day off

It is perfectly chilly here today, and I’m taking full advantage of the day off to spend as much time in my yoga clothes as possible. I’m even wearing a sweater! I have the windows open and a cup of steaming coffee and Mozart playing… it’s pretty darn nice.

I’m not feeling very articulate today, but here are a few tidbits:

Head over to Kim’s blog to see some pictures from the Volpone promo photo shoot we did yesterday. There will be a preview article in the Washington Post this Sunday, so we threw together a shoot to get some photos; hopefully they’ll run one with the article. I love my costume, but I’m very curious to see if I can do all of my staging in the corset and big skirt… “That’s why we rehearse!”

We do our first run-through on the set tomorrow!

When I need a break from Volpone (hey, it happens…), I’ve started working on my SIS (Self Imposed Study) for the summer: two Italian roles, Nannetta (Falstaff) and Susanna (Nozze di Figaro). It just so happens that the Studio Artists (the younger level of singers here at WTOC this summer) are doing big scenes from each of those operas. I’m hoping to snag some time with their Italian coach after Volpone is up and running… (And she reads the blog! Hi, FG!)

I’ll outline some of my role prep techniques here soon. Since it’s announced in my biography on my management site, I guess I can say that I’ll be singing my first Susanna next season! This is a huge role (the longest in the soprano repertoire), and I have nine months to get it into my voice/body/spirit. I’m excited for the process! What an amazing opera, amazing role. For now, I’ll just say “text, text, text!”

That’s all for now. There should be some news to share in the next few days, too, so stayed tuned!


Kevin said...

How exciting. Barbarina and Susanna and of course others too.

alex said...

oh congratulations! not just on volpone, but on the susanna! what a gorgeous, lovely role in a transcendental opera. I've come to love the opera much much more over the years.

I don't know if you're interested, but there is a wonderful book I read on Mozart Da Ponte + Zauberflote heroines. I'll have to blog a bit about it, but it's definitely a wonderful read if you're into nerdy-type stuff re character/musical analysis.

yay! I'll try to catch some wolftrap opera when i'm back from vacation :P

Valerie said...

Congratulations! Susanna is one of the most wonderful parts in the repertoire, IMO, and the whole opera just gets better and better the more time one spends with it. Lucky you!

Ariadne said...

Susanna, wahoo!!! (hugs)

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