Friday, June 29, 2007

Please remember to tip your servers

After last night’s (thrilling, beautiful) Carmen performance (I was so proud of all my colleagues up there!), a “few” of us headed over to our favorite hangout, Clyde’s. It’s a fantastic old restaurant up on a hill with some gorgeous art-deco decorations and a beautiful old bar; for those of you in NYC, think PJ Clark’s but without the checkered tablecloths. It also has some awesomely bad “art-deco-inspired” murals on the walls, probably done in the ‘70s. The bartenders are friendly, make great drinks, and are very good at keeping unsavory characters away. We’ve gotten to know several of them by name and they know us (and our preference in bourbon…) – it’s our Cheers!

I say a “few” of us, because it ended up being just about the entire group of Filene Young Artists and the Studio singers and spouses and friends… it was insane. And, of course, we got there at 11:58 for a kitchen that closes at midnight. What did the lovely staff of Clyde’s do for us? They kept the kitchen open for another 45 minutes, taking care that all the burgers and wings and fries and crab cakes got into our bellies.

I’ve never worked in the restaurant business, but many singers and actors make their living there between gigs. It’s a tough and often thankless job! I’m sure no one at Clyde’s will read this, but I want to say thanks to them anyway. All of us are grateful for your going the extra mile last night; I hope it showed up in the tips…

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