Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pre-Volpone miscellany

So, that wasn’t too bad. I was pretty stressed out before the run-through started, because the more I thought about the character and the show, the less I understood this new idea and how to implement it. But, with some great colleagues (couldn’t’ve done it without you, JJ) and more guidance from PK, I think I’m back to having a cohesive character. She still feels very new to me, which is kind of fun in the way that exploring a new character is always fun. Hopefully she’ll feel a bit more cemented before opening night, though!

I have no idea whether or not the healing scene is going to cause the same amount of rip-roaring laughter, but we should have a few new folks at the first dress rehearsal tonight, so I’ll get a chance to see. Celia is much less maniac and frenetic that she used to be, so I think I’ll be able to stay more centered, regardless of the audience’s reaction.

Last night we had our Sitzprobe, which is always one of my favorite rehearsals. To move from the percussive support of the piano to the enveloping support of the orchestra is always a wonderful transition! A bit unsettling at times, as it can be a challenge to hear the timbre (sound quality) of the clarinet or violin that is doubling my line after weeks of hearing it in the piano. But, we make it. And this orchestration is fantastic; some really beautiful and thrilling moments. Head over to Kim’s blog for a photo (that’s me in the red dress) and her thoughts on the rehearsal; as the General Director, she has a lot more to think about than I do!

After Tuesday’s piano dress, I had the chance to share one of my favorite “tricks of the trade” with one of the young women in the Studio program*: the joys of pin-curl hair!! I arrived at the post-rehearsal notes session with my hair still up in my wig cap, and while PK gave notes I stood in the back taking off the cap and pulling the bobby pins out of my curls. EO was next to me, dealing her own post-wig hair, so I said, “Here’s the trick,” and flipped my hair up and down like a rocker at a concert. When I stood back upright, Voila! Soft wavy curls a là an early-80s Breck commercial. We’ll get the chance to try it again after tonight’s rehearsal, and by Friday she’ll have it mastered! The best hair at the afterparty will be on EO; watch out, ya’ll!

A quiet afternoon here. Some Figaro, some gentle warming up, dinner of some kind… then to the theater at 5:30 for rehearsal!

*Wolf Trap has a new program this season for post-undergraduate students; seven of them have small roles in Volpone.


Scatterbrained Seal said...

The Opera Studio at WTOC sounds SO cool! I'll keep that in mind for the next couple of summers...maybe it'll be a nice goal to set. :)

Margaret Harrison said...

Congratulations on a terrific dress rehearsal (Wednesday)! I saw the opera the first production and loved it, and I think I loved it even more this time. Every single singer was first rate. You were wonderful. I loved your portrayal of the character, how great you looked, and your fantastic singing. The healing scene was hilarious - great moves! And you have the best scream out there. That must have been fun to let it all out vocally like that. The music, especially the complex ensembles, must have been incredibly hard to master. It sounds so natural to hear sung, but I imagine it must look really hard on the page. And the libretto is so clever. I liked the jokes that relied on seeing the surtitles - they made picking up some of the wordplay much easier; that "void" joke cracked me up.

Sarah said...

The healing scene was hysterical, although your description of the former incarnation of Celia sounds funny as hell, too. I also really enjoyed you and the sword. Y'all did a great job and are obviously having a wonderful time up there. I'm sure the run will be a blast. Toi toi toi!

Mme A said...

ACB - did you dress up for the Sitz?

And does ANYONE know where that tradition started? Because I'd love to know!

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