Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogroll Update, Fall '07

Full list here, new additions in the sidebar. Enjoy.

Music & Opera links:

Little Ms. Bossy - a very funny and sweet opera director, sharing her life in Houston

NewMusicBox - “web magazine” from the American Music Center

Nico Muhly - the young composer shares his musings.

Northwest Artists - some of my Seattle colleagues.

Opera Now! - weekly (mostly) podcasts about all that’s hot in the world of opera. When you gonna have me on, Micheal? (You can also subscribe to the podcasts via iTunes.)

Rahree - An opera admin dishes on opera (duh), books, music, and the Steelers.

Zeigarnika - returning to singing, exploring the road. (Check out this great description of the blog title. Very interesting!)

Other Good Stuff:

20x200 - Buy art. - Having a bad day? Go here and LOL. This site, along with ichcb and cuteoverload have turned many a frown upside down!

Perfect Pantry - what a food writer keeps in her larder.

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