Thursday, September 27, 2007


In the past week or so there have been a few unexpected and lovely surprises come my way.

Late last week: An email from a friend complimenting me on a picture in Opera News. I went to check it out at the Met store (since my copy had yet to arrive), expecting to see a Volpone review, although I couldn’t figure why they’d use a picture of me for that. Turns out it wasn’t a review, but rather a nice blurb in the front of the magazine about Long Road Home, the Parkinson’s’ Benefit CD we recorded last summer in Santa Fe. It’s available now from the US, so no need to pay international shipping. Remember, a good chunk of these profits go to Parkinson’s’ research, so pick up a few copies and spread the love.

Sunday: I attended a performance of William Bolcom and Joan Morris performing the entire canon of Bolcom’s cabaret songs, the guest of a certain librettist and playwright. We attended a party afterwards at the Chelsea Hotel, and I got to sit on the floor and listen to composers talk and singers sing and people laugh. The most special moment came, though, when I got to thank Mr. Bolcom for “Waitin’.” It’s a perfect page of music, to my mind, and a song that holds a very special place in my heart. What a gift to be able to let him know that, to thank him for enriching my life with his music.

Monday: A delightful lunch with a patron, who had asked to meet with me in order to give me a gift/grant from his foundation. The Julian Autrey Song Foundation has presented several young singers in recital over the past few years, among them my friends Jesse Blumberg and Matthew Worth, and Joseph Kaiser, who makes his Met debut this season. Recently, the Foundation has started extending grants, as well, and I am now a grateful recipient. The money comes with no spending stipulations; it is simply a “support” grant, a gift of patronage. Thank you, JASF!

Wednesday: Tagging along on a shopping trip with KG, visiting from Seattle, I was only looking for a new fall dress, an autumnal version of what I’ve been living in for the past few months. I found one, within my budget, even: a luscious LaROK jersey knit in a dark khaki, drapy and flowy. The unexpected thing came in the form of a stunning Badgley Mishka gown that KG “made” me try on! She reminded me of my May concerts in Atlanta, and this dress will be perfect: a deep, rich teal with darker undertones; “mermaid” style skirt with a small train; halter neck with incredible details on the bodice: pleats, beads… It’s amazing. I don’t have anything like it in my current “gown wardrobe,” not in color or style or quality.

And, of course, it was on sale for about 30% of full price! Remember that unexpected grant? Uh-huh. A perfect use for it! I came home and promptly emailed my patron to tell him of my find, and he was glad to hear it. I wouldn’t have bought the gown without the grant, and a gown like this definitely makes me feel “legit,” like a “diva” in every good sense of the word. Pictures to come!

I’d better write up a blurb about Figaro rehearsals before I go to bed or I’m going to get skinned! Stay tuned…


Sarah said...

Picture of the gown, please!

kimvox said...

Glad I could "help."


Ariadne said...

Can't wait for the pics, ACB. (Meantime, let's add "shopping for a gown that makes me feel legit and like a diva & is miraculously 30% off" as a line item in the not-exactly-9-to-5-day life of a professional singer ... )

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