Monday, March 03, 2008

Awesome things people have said about Rosina:

“Man, that’s a lot of recit.” I guess maybe it is, but after Susanna’s recits, this feels like nothing. I think I could fit all of my lines on one piece of paper - with translations, even. A walk in the park.

“She only gets two real arias, right?” Right. Only. Two really long arias with more 16th notes than I’ve ever sung in my life. AND I’m supposed to come up with something creative and original for all the cadenzas?! Ohibo. Maybe for my next Rosina; at this point I think I’m too scared to be terribly creative. (More on this…)

“Yikes…. you know it’s bad when you’re saying the only thing on your plate is Rosina and you feel relieved about it.” This from an iChat with AC (my mezzo alter ego ), and it pretty much sums up how insane the past six weeks have been! I’m still very nervous about starting rehearsals, but I have a bit of clarity and perspective now that makes me think I’ll get through it. Somehow.

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