Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tim says this is self-explanatory


A - Mi par d’esser con la testa in un orrida fucina,
B(b)[∑] - dove cresce ([e mai] non resta)
C - del l’incudini sonore l’importuno strepitar.
D - Alternando questo e quello
E - pesantissimo martello
F - fa con barbara armonia
(g)G - (murie e volte) rimbombar.
W(w) - (E il cervello), poverello,
X - gia stordito, sbalordito,
Y - non ragiona,
Z (z)[s] - si confonde, (si riduce [ad impazzar])

1 A A B b C
2 D E D E
3 D E E E
4 F F g g G SI D E F G
5 W W X W W X Y Y Y Z Y Y Y Z
6 W W X Y Y Y Z
8 s s z


1a A A B ∑ b C
2 D E D E
3 D E E E
4 F F g g G SI D E F G
9 W X Y Z W X Y Z
10 w z
9 W X Y Z W X Y Z
10 w z sssss

Any questions?! :)


Marc said...

I solved that in algebra II. The answer was 12.

coloratur...aaah said...

THIS is what I'm talking about!! The reason for freakouts numbers 1-7 on the blog a few weeks ago.
Nice system :)
Have something like it myself on scrap pieces of paper that I walk around with in my jacket pockets!

Kim said...

How sad is it that I understand this? And now it's going to be running through my head all night... Thanks, ACB!

Susan said...

I agree with marc... but for me I think it was trig in 11th grade. But oddly enough, the answer was 12 then too.

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