Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out of touch

I’m having a harder time than I expected dealing with the lack of internet at my home stay… I enjoy getting to bed at a decent hour because I don’t spend too many hours on Facebook, but I feel really out of touch with my friends and family. I’ve never been a big fan of talking on the phone, so my primary communication method for years has been the internet: blogs, IMs, emails, and of course now the addition (addiction) of Facebook. I never feel far from my “people,” no matter what corner of the world they may be wandering.

But this week has been different. I haven’t been aware of my friends’ every move through their status updates. I’ve had to binge on blogs, which doesn’t really allow for true digestion of content. I haven’t written as many emails, and you can only GET email if you WRITE email. So, in short, I’m feeling lonelier than usual when on the road. If you happen to get a phone call from me this month, don't pass out from the shock!

Lonely is a funny thing with me. I really like being alone and I need a certain amount of silence around me in order to really feel at peace. And being alone is different than feeling lonely or out of touch. I haven’t been getting enough time alone this week, either, so I’m a bit out of sorts. Out of sorts and and out of touch makes ACB a little bit of a downer...

The lack of internet has affected my blogging, too, in that I’ve only been able to write when I’ve been at my coffeeshop. I think this has much to do with the fact that I tend to do several things at once while I write: write emails, do searches for references for the post, read other blogs, etc.. And in order to do those things, I have to be online. Meh. I just found a Panera closer to my house than the downtown coffee shop, so I may get over there more often. We’ll see. I miss writing! I didn’t realize until this week how much this has also become part of my balancing routine.

Sorry for the downer post, and sorry for the lack of writing this past week (and likely the next few weeks)! Another facet of this crazy wonderful life. The opera is having their annual black-tie gala tonight, so I am looking forward to getting all dolled up (remember that Badgley Mischka gown I bought in the fall?!?!) and having a good meal and hitting the dance floor!

In other news, I found an art gallery here in Dayton with some paintings by a local artist. There are some landscapes that I absolutely LOVE… I might just have to buy one. My souvenir from Dayton might end up being art instead of clothes… stay tuned!


Mme A said...

Dear ACB,

This post was by no means a downer. In fact, it is really really encouraging to hear that people enjoying (seemingly!) overnight success get the blues or that weird Sunday night loneliness.

I'd stepped away from reading your blog regularly because of many personal doubts - about myself, my singing, etc. But I am so glad to be back, catching up! It makes me so happy to think that someone is out there making a beautiful life for herself.

And, in the meantime, while you wait for your "future boyfriend" - I can highly recommend a literary one: Lord Peter Wimsey.

Hurrying (slowly),


Anonymous said...

you had better post a photo of you in that gown, m'dear. :)

operagremlin said...

Just open up a Word document and type blog text or emails whenever. then when you get near wifi again, paste them in.

ACB said...

Thanks, guys!

KV: Can you believe that there was NO PHOTOGRAPHER at the gala?! We were all very disappointed, cuz wow. This is a hot group!

OG: I always write in Word, but what's missing is being able to write/blog and surf around teh internets at the same time... that seems to be part of my writing method. Probably not a good one!

Mmme A - welcome back! and thanks for the recommendation!

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