Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Miscellany for January 8

So much on my mind these days; time for bullet points!

* 2008 is, as of now, booked with five six new roles (four five Leading, one Featured) so far, with three one more major role possibility (two Leading, one Featured) on the table. Gulp. As contracts get signed, I’ll post details here (and on my website, as soon as I get an ftp client for my Mac…). **UPDATE: I just got a call from my manager, and it seems a new hat has been thrown in the ring! I've been asked to come take over for a cancelled singer. For a huge role. In March. Double gulp!!

* Nothing like the best seat in the house to make one a Wagner fan. I experienced my first Wagner opera last night, Die Walkure, and I think I’ve been changed. I was nervous about making it through a five-hour evening (four hours of music plus two intermissions), but when the curtain closed on our sleeping Brunnhilde, I immediately wanted to watch the next one! Talk about a cliff-hanger… I had a beautiful view of the pit, too, and was blown away by the musicality that poured out. The English horn solos, especially, were so beautiful (I thought of you, Patti!), and what can I saw about all that brass? Awesome. I know I’ll never sing anything (maybe the Forest Bird, and wouldn’t that be poetic?), but I will be an appreciative audience member for the rest of my life. Many many thanks to my hosts for a wonderful evening.

* The growth of the “indie classical” movement continues on apace with the launch of New Amsterdam Records' new website. Streaming tracks from all of their current releases and creating a “join the community” feel by allowing anyone to create a profile, the site includes concert listings, blog postings, and, of course, an online store. It’s not a requirement that you be a NAR artist to post your information, so this will hopefully become a central “meeting ground” of sorts for musicians involved in this development of concert music.

I encourage you to spend some time letting the site’s music player run on shuffle for a while; you’ll get a nice cross-section of the music that is pushing this movement. (JL, I think you will especially enjoy Sam Sadigursky’s The Words Project.)

* I was motivated by the invitation to join the NAR site to finally get the tracks from the May 07 Bhakti recital cleaned up. You can hear a couple of them on my NAR page (Bolcom’s “Waitin” and Barber’s “St. Ita's Vision”), along with a more “traditionally new music-y” song from my stint at Tanglewood in 2004, Grace Choi’s “hist wist.” I’ve also updated my MySpace page tracks, including “Waitin” and adding a Harbison tune, “Why Mira can't go back to her old house.”

(The recording of Hillula, the centerpiece of the recital, is very good, but not ready for public consumption. It reminded the three of us how much we loved the piece, though, and has spurred us on for the next phase: revisions and 2nd recital plans are underway!)

That’s all for now. More thoughts on said “indie classical movement” coming soon…


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the new gigs!
If you are still looking for an ftp client for mac:

It's free and works reliably.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I knew that was you up there in the luxe seats!

Josiah said...

I use Transmit for Mac... it is fantastic. Text/code editing built-in, too. One stop shopping!


Alex Shapiro said...

Listening to your gorgeous audio clips, it's no surprise how your career is blossoming! Brava!

How wonderful to meet you at O'Neals last week-- what lovely serendipity. The world is getting smaller and smaller....


Princess Alpenrose said...

Congratulations, ACB, that's great news!!! That'll be a tremendous amount of work, though, won't it?

(giggles) I guess you'll become a time management expert, no, make that a "time management GURU", in the process! I'll be watching and learning, for sure.

Happy 2008!

oboeinsight.com said...

Whoa. Lots 'o great news here. Congratulations. (I even wrote a poem due to all of this. ;-) I just couldn't help myself.

I went to listen to you and I'm just blown away.

(Btw, do you know Jim Courtney? He won't remember me, but he'd probably recognize the last name "Emerson", my maiden name. Eons ago he was at the church where I grew up. I see he's still singing at the Met.)

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