Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I have avoided jumping on the singer bandwagon of "allergies." Seems like that is a common excuse for not singing well, and I just won't let myself. In fact, I generally poo-poo those who do. Well, karma has come pay me my dues! Last night I started to feel a tickle in the back of my throat, and I woke up this morning with my head full of cotton. Whether it is the "allergy" that many other singers are suffering from or just a cold that we're sharing with each other, I've got it.

Fortunately, The Voice is not affected. I've drunk 4 liters of water today, I'm taking Vit C, echinnacea, and Tylenol Cold, andusing Zicam. If this is a cold, it should't stand a chance. And I stand to get ten hours of sleep tonight, so that should help.

Keep your fingers crossed...

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