Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ok, so my plan to blog everyday is not working! Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on. I need to think about writing lots of short posts instead of waiting and having three days worth of stuff to talk about!

Today we had our first "sing-through" of Midsummer. What an amazing piece! So funny, and beautfiul. Britten really captured the three worlds that exist in the play - Fairy, Lover, and Rustic. The Rustics (the group of workmen hired to put on a play for the duke's wedding) have some of the greatest music, and the men singing those roles are all outstanding. The four Lovers are also wonderful; the girl singing Helena is absolutely beautiful. This is funny because Helena has a line "I am as ugly as a bear!" We all are imagining the audience bursting out laughing at that point! Maybe they'll put her in ugly makeup, but it take a lot to hide her pretty face. There will be 22 children makng up my fairy court, and Oberon's Puck is played by a local young man. Our music is very ethereal, with lots of harps and shimmering strings. The opera's finaly chorus, in which Oberon and Tytania bless the newly wedded couples makes me cry everytime.

That's enough for one post. More soon!

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