Wednesday, June 30, 2004

4 days in the Berkshires

Friday morning Mark dropped us off at Pier 11 where the passenger ferries that feed NYC dock. We bought our tickets for the 8:10 ferry back to B*something* NJ. (Some things do not stay in my brain no matter how many times my wife tells me what they are) We had about 25 minutes until our ferry was suppose to depart so Anne Carolyn went to get some provisions from Starbucks. A ferry pulled up to our slip and people started pouring off it and coming up the gangplank from the slip. we made our way over with all our luggage and our Starbucks goodies and waiting for the stream of people to subside so that We could make our way down to the slip and board. On our way over there Anne Carolyn dropped her latte. And then we noticed that pretty much as soon as the last person got off the ferry, the boat started pulling away. Anne Carolyn ran down the ramp shouting "Wait!" and I think maybe some words of an expletive nature. They pulled back torwards the slip and we found out that they were not going to where we were going. After one more false alarm (we were camped out down on the slip now) our boat arrived. After 200+ people disembarked, 2 people got on... -AC and I.

The Ferry had some friendly if somewhat rough around the edges personel and some pretty good coffee which helped sooth the loss of the fallen latte. We took our coffees up to the upper deck and stood in the lee of the cabin out of the wind. As the City started to disappear our attention turned to shipping traffic and sailboats. It was a really nice little cruise for $15.

On our arrival in NJ Anne Carolyn called Greg the previous owner of our $900 1988 Toyota Corolla. After about 10 or 15 mins, he arrived with the car which is in excellent and refused an offer of a ride home, saying he was going to get some coffee and call a cab.

Anyhow, we made our way up the NJ parkway to the Berkshires. We stopped in Pittsfield and picked up a map of the area at a drug store. We went over to Miss Hall's where the check in was and then figured out how to get to the Apt that we are renting.

Larry and Gale who own the apartment were still busy fixing it up when we arrived. All new apliances (some of which are not yet hooked up), a new ceiling fan (which does work very nicely), a new bed, and some other nice things like cable tv and a dvd player.

Anyhow, Gale and Larry are super people and I feel good about AC living upstairs from them.

There is a Cybercafe about 2 blocks from where AC is living, however they have really weird Summer hours and were never open when we wanted to go there. This is a different one than AC and I had originally tracked. However, we get really good phone reception in the apartment so I figured out how to use her cell phone as a modem/gateway to access the internet via the IR port on her phone and PDA. It's pretty crazy but it works! Google, Email, posting here, the whole deal.

I just sent her off today a small box of things including a cable that should let her use a full sized keyboard with her pda.

In less technical areas of the trip, we enjoyed tooling around the Berkshires a bit and just generally getting settled in. We had a nice picnic on the Tanglewood grounds and some walks around Pittsfield which has a kind of 1940's small town feel to it. I think it lacks major industry now though so it is in a process of re-orientation. There is a pretty neat Art thing going on there where there are all of these sheep that have been painted and done up. (not real sheep but fiberglass)

I gotta go do some work... I'll try to write some more later!

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