Thursday, June 17, 2004


In preparation for the summer, I went on my annual shopping binge yesterday...

I've never been a shopper. I didn't get that gene that a lot of women seem to have, the one that allows them to shop all day without pain or going into debt. Three hours is about all I can handle, and that I can only do once a year. Thankfully, I had my faithful friend and personal shopper along for the ride! (I think she somehow got my gene, so she has two.) She carried the clothes and the bags, helped me choose from six pairs of capris that looked basically the same (it finally came down to which one showed less "unmentionable"), convinced me that it was ok to wear patterns and bright colors, and unearthed three gorgeous dresses from the sale rack. While I know I will not be the fashion-plate of the summer at T'wood (there will be two other sopranos there who, very likely, are more clothes-conscious than I), I will look like I give a damn. Which I do.

Since I only shop once a year, I tend to be hard on my clothes. They get worn a lot, so they get worn out quickly. And living in the temperate climate of Seattle, it is possible to wear jeans, t-shirts, and cardigan sweaters year-round, so I do! And I definitely prefer function to trend. All this to say that my drawers and closet are full of clothes that I wear full-time for a year, then stop wearing. Today, all those clothes are going in a bag and heading to the Goodwill! They are good clothes, clean and hole-free. I just wore them so often I'm bored with them. I guess that's better than wearing things once and getting bored with them, but the more I write the more guilty I'm starting to feel. But I'm not throwing them away, I'm passing them on. That's ok, right?

(The dresses are gorgeous...)

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