Saturday, June 19, 2004

my living situation

Here's a bit more info on my set-up at Tanglewood this summer. Erik and I decided that this summer I would not live in the dorm. Last summer it felt a bit too much like going back to college - shared bathroom down the hall, crappy beds, LOTS of parties. I am still amazed at how much incredible music was created last summer despite the late hours and alcohol consumption! (Not by me, of course...) And this way we can really be together when he comes to visit.

So we found a small apartment in a home nearby. It's about one mile from Miss Hall's (the school for girls that Tanglewood rents for dorm facilities) and about seven miles from the Tanglewood grounds. Most rehearsals for the opera will be held at Miss Hall's, so this will be a perfect location. The owners (Gail and Larry) seem really nice. They will be living on the lower floors of the house with Gail's daughter and grandbaby (the first grandbaby!), who is staying with them while her husband is stationed in Turkey. I will have the upper floor, which includes a small kitchen, bathroom, and my own entrance up some outside stairs. Tanglewood is helping out a little by giving my what they would have spent on my food at Miss Hall's, so all in all the apartment will cost us $1200. Not bad for that part of the Berkshires in the summer.

I have also bought a little car, an '88 Corolla, to help me get around. We bought it from the original owner who has all the service records for the car, so I'm betting it will be in good shape. It only has 134k miles on it, which, for a Toyota, is nothing. I'm hoping to sell it again at the end of the summer, so it should only cost us a couple hundred dollars to have transportation for the summer. Another great deal!

Off to mail some boxes to myself... More later.

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