Sunday, June 20, 2004

Final Cast for Movie

CT and I have been obsessing a bit over casting this movie of my life. The cast list has grown to include several people not originally in the Friday Five. There is certainly enough storyline for everyone, so I say, "The more, the merrier!" Here it is, then, the all-star cast of my life (We'll start from the beginning, introducing characters chronologically.)

Mom B: Blythe Danner (won the role over Diane)
Dad B: Steve Martin
Mark: Hugh Jackman (I'm not worrying about who's going to play the child versions of us. I assume they'll hire unknowns.)
ME!: Gwenyth Paltrow (My casting director encouraged me to go with Gwen over Cameron. Something about sophistication...)
Sally: Reese Witherspoon
Erik: Ewan McGregor
Mom R: Sally Field
Dad R: Gene Hackman (this is a good one)
SSR: Renee Zellweger (when we told her, she said, "Who?")
Deane: Philip Seymour Hoffman (minus about twenty lbs)
Erika: Julia Stiles
Calin: Drew Barrymore
Laura: Kathy Najimy
Stacey: Claire Daines
Collin: Heath Ledger (Collin is married to Stacey, who says that if Heath Ledger is playing her husband, she wants to star as herself!)
Liz M: Shirley MacLaine (too good!)
Marsh P: Bob Hoskins
Jordan: Orlando Bloom (he, also, said, "who's that?" when we told him. Honestly, people, pop culture is not your enemy!)

If you feel that you, too, need to have a part in this movie, and you know who you would like to portray you, email me! I'll add you to the list... Someday, when I'm a star, we can reference this list and have our pick. =]

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