Sunday, June 27, 2004

My first official post from Tanglewood! The internet set-up is still a little shaky, so you'll have to bear w/ short posts for a while. I am using my phone as a modem and writing on my PDA. (I can't seem to consistently Write certain letters in loWercase. As you can see...) Next week Erik will send me a cable for my portable keyboard, so I should be able to write more then.

For now, though: my apartment is great. I have 3 rooms (plus bath) in a 2OO-year-old house. The owners, Gail and Larry, are so nice. They have a bit of a west coast air about them, and Erik and I have enjoyed talking with them. There are 3 cats and a very energetic dog, so my "small animal" fix will be met. One of the cats can open the door into my apartment, so I have to keep it locked!

Rehearsals are already in full swing. It is so good to be back here, Making music at this level. The Britten (Midsummer) is going to be spectacular! All the singers seen very nice, and of course it's good to see friends from last year. More on all that later.

Erik leaves toMOrrow. It has been great having hiM here; it has really made this place feel like home. I will miss him.

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