Thursday, June 17, 2004

we are with Links

After many frustrating hours (yes, hours; I know, I have better things to do!) learning how to speak "web design," I now have a Links list. These are either links I visit everyday and are therefore part of my online persona, or they are links that I think you might be interested in.

I have a camera phone now, so I'm planning to post regular Tanglewood pictures in the album. Pictures of new friends, beautiful views, and other such representations of my life in the Berkshires.

Another link is the Boston Symphony / Tanglewood home page. Any of you planning a visit will find lots of information there. Plus a little history and all that other good PR stuff.

I'm still tweaking with the layout, so be patient. This is fancier than last year's journal, and it's taking me a while to adjust! But I think I can handle fancy: when my grandfather was visiting a few weeks ago, he said, "Everything in this house is fancy; even the people!" I think he meant it as a compliment.

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Marco Goings said...

Rather disputable.

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