Thursday, June 24, 2004

in NYC

Just a quick note. We're here in Brooklyn at M&E's house, spending a couple days visiting them and doting on Sylvia. She absolutely adores Erik, hanging around him all day. They have delightful conversations, play games and puzzles, and generally amuse each other. It is so fun to watch. Right now she is talking to him about how much she likes cats... (Especially Jane, a "big fat cat.")

Tomorrow morning we head to New Jersey to pick up my summer car, a 1988 Toyota Corolla that I bought off I'm buying it from the original owner, who has had the car serviced twice a year every year and has all the maintenance records. Says it drives great, looks great, and is only selling it because he's getting a new car from his sister. Well, her old car 'cuz she's getting a new one. I have high hopes, but still have some intrepidation about buying a car off the internet. I mean, a book, sure. But a car?! I am in possession of the title, though, so it's mine, no matter what shape it's in. A good or bad thing? Time will tell.

Also found out that my old voice teacher's manager will for sure be at the opera in July. I am going to send him some materials - biography, cd with my best selections, and a "what I want from my career" statement - before then, and hopefully sing for him again in September. I'll keep you posted...

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