Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just a quick note to say two things

One, it should NOT be this hot in Seattle. I think we got up to 85 today… Estimated high for tomorrow is 87, which means it will probably reach 90. If it’s this hot here, what’s it going to be like in Santa Fe??!! And if it keeps getting hotter here in Seattle, my poor Nordic-blooded husband is going to melt.

Two, I hate packing. Love unpacking, hate packing. And today I feel like I’m packing for three things: the week of travel to Santa Fe, three months in Santa Fe, and the move downstairs. (Did I tell you that we are indeed buying the duplex we’re currently renting? We close June 30th, at which time Erik and I will move from upstairs to down, and S&L will move in upstairs. We’ll share the large basement. A “simple” move, in theory, but it still requires packing.) There are boxes everywhere, and still so much stuff to go in them.

And it is too hot to do anything.

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