Thursday, May 05, 2005

An Off-Topic Post

When I started this blog, I told myself I’d stay on topic – my life as a singer. But I just have to vent for a minute! I came across this article this morning about the current and intensifying drought in Washington state. (Insane, I know, to even put the words “drought” and “Washington” in the same sentence, but it is true.) Rainy winters have never bothered me here, but this winter, I would get depressed if I woke up and it was sunny! It just wasn’t right. Cool, cloudy, misty days. That’s what Seattle winters are supposed to be. Sweaters and jeans and clogs. No tank tops allowed until May!

But, it was a sunny, gorgeous winter, and now we’re in a drought. And yet, so many people seem oblivious to this fact! Our neighbor spends an hour (I’m not making this up) watering his driveway!! At least, that’s how it seems from my side of the fence. I’m sure he’s washing away pine needles and saw dust and dirt. But, honestly, has he not heard of a BROOM??!! Two evenings in a row, now, Erik and I have had to close our windows while eating dinner, not to shut out the white noise of I-5 three blocks away, but to close out the incessant and depressing sound of waste.

At least it’s his water bill.

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Kristin Ditlow said...

I was inspired by your blog so I started my own (link below). Not as fancy yet with links or pictures -- however, when i'm in Italy it should liven things up a bit!
When I was in Seattle it seemed very damp -- and this was during major forest fires in Montana! Hope all is well. :-) K

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