Friday, May 13, 2005

Must be Prom Time

Twenty-nine of the last 100 referrals that brought people to my website have been web searches (Google, Yahoo, etc.) for “hair-do,” or “easy hair-do,” or “long hair-do,” or my personal favorite: “how-to hair-do.” I love it! Granted, I have a post entitled Hair-Do’s, but I find it ironic that all these folks are coming to me looking for hair help! My post is all about how bad I am with my hair! Makes me chuckle.

Other referrals include searches for Andrea Gruber (in various forms: “Andrea Gruber,” “Andrea Gruber addiction,” “Andrea Gruber opera addiction”), Benjamin Luxon, “a very merry unbirthday,” and “high f O zittre nicht.” I know I mentioned Ben Luxon sometime during last summer's Tanglewood entries, but I can’t find it! You’ll have to trust me on this one. There is also the occasional search for “Anne-Carolyn Bird,” which, I have to say, weirds me out a little! I mean, I know I have a career in the public eye (or at least, I’m trying to), but it feels a little stange – and a little good! – to know that folks are using “the internets” to learn more about me.

I also get a lot of referrals from other blogs, most notably Alex Ross’s fine collection of music blog links. Ionarts, Prima La Musica, and The Standing Room have also sent folks my way. I also got slammed the other day when Chiara mentioned me. Seriously, my hits were doubled that day! Of course, she is a Diarist Award winner, so she has a following... Thanks to all who’ve referred their readers here! I try to return the favor, although percentages are still in your favor. But my readership is up! That makes me happy.

However you get here, however long you stay, I’m glad to have you. Happy reading and blogging!

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