Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I have joined the ranks of aspiring singers and actors the world over and signed on with a temp agency. I’m home for three months (one down, two to go), and while I have several gigs lined up here in Seattle, they don’t pay quite well enough to be my sole source of income. So I’ll be putting my “people skills” and computer skills to work on short-term office gigs. Lots of reception work, I imagine, with a day or two here or there filling in for an admin assistant. I tested pretty high on the office tests – typing, filing, Word & Excel, etc. – so the office seemed confident that they could place me easily.

We’ll see. I’m not really excited about the idea of not having these empty days at home to study music, but studying doesn’t pay the bills. My schedule over the next two months is fairly irregular, so it’ll be interesting to see how many days I can actually work an office job. But every little bit helps, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Club. Just do like me and take advantage of copiers, labels, dividers, etc. Discreetly, of course!


sig said...

ah yes...happens to the best of us! ;) By the way, I had great luck with Corestaff when I was with them...had a short gig at Chateau St Michelle in Woodinville when I first started with wine...mmmmmm! They also placed me in the perm job I have now.

Ariadne said...

Been there, done that, big time, but no more of that ever for me!

Zip me your mailing address (crazyspinto at yahoo or the one you have) and I'll send you something much better.

Seriously. Good stuff, honorable (promise!) and very, very profitable part time/sideline work, in your own time (=no more 8:30-5). And Mark can do it too, so you can work as a team.

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