Saturday, July 08, 2006

Never before…

Never before in the history of Santa Fe Opera have these words been spoken:

“Due to the humidity, there is a slight warp in the floor, so please be aware as you walk on the stage.”

Humidity? What is that??!!

Seriously, though, it has been humid here for the past few days. Wet and cool, and rather disconcerting. What happened to the dibilitating dryness of three weeks ago? The land and people are happy for all the rain, as am I, truth be told, but I don’t like leaving the stage after a frantic scene drenched in sweat. I feel like I’m in the Berkshires again! Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but it’s weird.

The next week looks like this:
Tonight: Carmen
Tomorrow: the Ballet (plus a “picnic dans la foret” with the cast and crew of Cendrillon)
Monday: Cendrillon piano dress rehearsal
Tuesday: Cendrillon 1st Orchestra dress
Wednesday: Magic Flute
Thursday: Cendrillon final orchestra dress
Friday: Carmen
Saturday: Cendrillon Opening Night!!

Time for resting whenever possible, drinking lots of water, yoga, eating my veggies, all that good stuff. The show is in great shape, so I want to make sure that I am, too!

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