Monday, July 31, 2006

Ionarts in Santa Fe

Charles Downey and his family are back in Santa Fe for a week at the opera (as well as family visits; a nice mix of business and pleasure). This summer he will be attending and reviewing all five operas, a true member of the "press corps" that is here for the week. He and I talked last summer about the future of music criticism and music blogging, and, frankly, I think this bodes well.

Read his review of The Tempest here; I'll post the others throughout the week. Mrs. Ionarts and Master Ionarts will be along for a show or two, making it a real family affair. I'm most excited for Master Ionarts to see Cendrillon; I haven't really gotten a child's pespective on our magical fairytale. Will it transport him the way it is transporting adults?

Off to my first Rosenkavalier coaching!

UPDATE 8/2: Reviews of Flute and Carmen are up. (I'm the fifth chorus girl from the right in that chorus shot!)

Also, young Master Ionarts is, as it turns out, too young for a three-hour opera that starts at 8:30. He will instead spend the evening with his grandparents, I believe, which will surely be a great enjoyment for all involved. It won't be long, though, before he's in the house, sitting on a couple of cushions and following every detail.

UPDATE 8/5: The Cendrillon review is up, as are Charles's thoughts on his second viewing of the Tempest. Great pictures of Cendrillon!! What a gorgeous show...

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Ariadne said...

Can't wait for Mini Critic's review!

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