Friday, July 21, 2006

Photo Friday: Common (& Phenomenal)

 This week's Photo Friday topic is "Common." Last week's, which I didn't do, was "Phenomenal," and I feel this photo is both. Amazing sunsets are de rigeur here in Santa Fe, as they are in many places around the world. But they are, nonetheless, phenomenal and breathtaking.

This shot was taken last summer from the back steps of the opera house, probably before a performance of Turandot... I remember standing there on most evenings with AR, a New Mexico native, and even he hadn't grown numb to the beauty that appeared in the sky every night! May we never.

As was the case last summer about this time, I have lots to write about but no mental capacity for writing. I'll get a "Highlights" post up soon. My writing energy is at the moment being directed towards a proposal for funding the project I wrote about back in February. It's building steam; now all we need are money and a venue for a premiere!

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