Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Carol Vaness is the Marschallin

Great article in this past weekend’s Seattle Times about Carol Vaness, who sings her first Marschallin in Der Rosenkavalier at Seattle Opera, starting this Saturday.

My favorite quote: "In this role, I can't maintain my slightly childish behavior," she says. "The Marschallin may be the kind of woman who appreciates a young lover, but she is all grown up. I've had to grow up, too."

Ah, the things we can learn from the characters we play…

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Ariadne said...

What an interesting interview, with a fascinating and talented singer, and, oh, the role of the Marschallin!

I've been noodling around with the role (and that '62 Schwartzkopf video) myself for a few months, and wonder, like Carol, about the absent husband aspect. Being a neglected wife, ugh!

I keep wondering, too, whether the fact that the Marschallin and der Feldmarschall have no children makes her relationship with Oktavian even more complex? From this standpoint, he's a sort of combination young energetic lover/ replacement son figure & so that makes the letting go all the more heartbreaking? Now she's *really* alone in the world.

Yikes, ACB! Look what happens to us when we bond with these opera characters!

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