Friday, August 18, 2006

Photo Friday: Friend

 This was an easy one.

This photo is one of a series that someone (SSR?) took at my 30th birthday party. We were totally unaware of the photos being taken, and so there are some really great moments captured, untainted by posing or self-consciousness. I love them.

CT the DT (the raven-haired beauty in the above photo) won't be traveling with me at the end of the summer like she did last year. Thanks to getting thrown from a horse this past May, she spent a few hours (all day) in the ER this week. With an old fracture on her tailbone now starting to give her trouble (I believe that's putting it nicely), she can't see being able to sit in a car for several days and then help carry boxes and bags into a Hell's Kitchen apartment...

I will miss having her along for the trip, but maybe this leg of the journey is one I need to make alone. Friend that she is, she is always with me, even when I need to step out on my own. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Is she laughing at your boobs?

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