Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Packing up

I’m spending this last day in Santa Fe wrapping up some applications, getting packed, and clearing various viruses off of my computer. Grrr…

So, until I have the time and compunction to sit and write in more detail about the end of the summer, here’s another tidbits entry.

• There was a great “thought for the day” at vilaine fille yesterday. I count myself among the lucky few.

• Another thought, imbedded in an article about Santa Fe Opera in The Villager this week: “The summer season is the time when young singers gain experience while experienced singers stretch.” I think I’m somewhere in the middle, gaining experience and stretching. A good place to be.

• A high school classmate of mine, Dorian Missick, is going to be a featured actor on a new series on ABC, Six Degrees. He played my father in our production of Tartuffe, way back in 1994. Go watch it, and keep Dorian in a job!!

• One of the applications I’m working on is for health insurance through the Freelancers’ Union. As far as I know, this is a NYC-only organization, but if you’re a freelancer or contract worker in the city, it’s a great place to get insurance. Very affordable, and they seem to have good coverage and good doctors.

(Finding insurance... One of the many hurdles I will face in the coming months in New York. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about this aspect of my life, the hurdles old and new, because I think my experiences could be insightful. There are hurdles, believe me!! Just because I don’t write about them doesn’t mean they haven’t been around until now. But with a change in my living situation, maybe I can also change what I write about. Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn this blog into a “Debbie Downer” brain-drain page! Maybe just a slight shift in coverage. Stay tuned.)

• A good friend and trusted colleague had this to say upon hearing me sing this summer: “I can hear the growth from last year, but it’s interesting: you’re not a coloratura, but you’re not a soubrette, and you’re not really a lyric, either.” Hearing that from him was almost the last little bit of validation that I needed, or non-validation, maybe, to embrace my Fach-less-ness. I’ll sing what I sing best, regardless of the descriptives usually attached to the role.

I think that’s all for now. I can no longer avoid putting my clothes in a suitcase. But, as always, it’s easier to pack up when leaving than when going: no major decisions to make, ‘cuz everything has to go!!

More from Boulder in a few days.


sogalitno said...

You have an incredible gift and are making the most of the wonderful opportunities coming your way.

This next chapter in your life will be scary,fun, wonderful, crazy and the most amazing time of your life.

I moved to NYC and it changed me forever.

Keep writing - we want to know how you are doing!

Have a grand time!

mluisbrites@sapo.pt said...

I`m no singer, no Newyorker like Krissna, I`m just a quite unknown Portuguese, but I enjoy myself reading your blog.Such a vivid sensitive style!
Have ytou registers of your voice?Let me know, please.

Erin said...

Moving across the country - what fun! I moved to England from Canada a couple years ago, and it was liberating dumping things I didn't need anymore. Very overwhelming for awhile, but I love it here.

Amazing what we can do without!

Good luck with the move, just give yourself time to relax when you get there.

fachingnuts said...

Fach-less-ness - I love that. You and me both, lady, except I toe the soprano/mezzo line.
It's like everything, I guess - nothing is ever black and white. That's the best part, I think. Makes us unique! :)

JimF said...


Try TEIGIT here for insurance: it has been the entertainment industry's source for that over decades.


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