Friday, August 11, 2006

Happily Ever After

Our Cinderella, Joyce DiDonato, met her Prince Charming three years ago, and, just as in the fairy tale, it was love at first sight. She told me earlier in the summer that it felt like they were “married” from the second day. All that was missing was the official ceremony.

Last week, when a beautiful diamond ring appeared on her hand, we knew it wouldn’t be long before they made it official. Little did we know that they would hit the road on the weekend and get married in Vegas!! They joked about it all summer, and I think the temptation finally became too great to resist.

We had a small “reception” for them after the performance on Wednesday, generously hosted by Joyce’s other Prince Charming, Jennifer. All of the Cendrillon “family” was there, and there was cake and there were toasts and the whole nine-yards. I was so honored to be there!

Read more – and see the wedding photo! – in this article from the local paper. (Ok, can’t quite find the article, but I’ll keep looking.)

Congratulations, Joyce and Leo!

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