Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last week

Just a quick note to say that my folks are in town, along with my grandmother, for a few days. They didn't get to see the Scenes Program on Sunday, but they saw Cendrillon last night and loved it. I believe my grandmother might have said something along the lines of "I didn't know opera could be so much fun!" Only when we're lucky!

The scene itself went beautifully. I was very nervous, since even in the dress rehearsal I had missed an entrance or two. Lots of counting going on in that scene! But when the time came, everybody hit their marks, and we presented a great scene. At the end of the duet, Sophie and Octavian sing "Den will ich nie vergessen, bis an meinen Tod." "I will never forget this, not until my death." As the words and beautiful melody left my throat, joining with PM's, I told myself that I really wouldn't. I won't forget that moment. It is a moment for returning to in a rocker on the porch, fifty years from now, for saying "Remember when...?"

I left the stage feeling a bit like I'd been interrupted, though: I wanted to keep going, to do the rest of the opera! Someday, though, and hopefully soon.

Things are winding down here, with everyone getting ready for the next phase of their lives. We run the gammut: returning to school, taking time off to "see what's out there," starting or returning to a year-long young artist program, making the move or returning to the Big City, or simply going home to continue the work of building a career. Nothing simple about that, actually.

I'll be spending this last week organizing and polishing rep for auditions (they are already starting to come in for the fall), doing some writing (lots to catch up on here!), finishing up the yoga classes I already paid for, packing and cleaning, and generally relaxing and enjoying this lovely house before I start the insanity of moving to and living in New York.


The Management :) said...

You looked beautiful as Sophie. I hope to read from you soon.

Nothin' but love,

marialuisbrites@sapo.pt said...

Now that I`VE found out your blog , I can`nt help reading it every day.I wish I could be as young as you are and experience your challenges.Go ahead, dear!I*m alsoan admirer of Edna St VicentMilay.

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