Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh, my heart!

My phone just rang, and the caller id displayed what is now a familiar sight: Met Switchboard. My thought process went like this: “They must be calling with tomorrow’s schedule. No, there’s no rehearsal tomorrow. Oh my god! Tonight’s opening night! Is Jano sick??!!!! Am I going to be making my Met debut tonight??!!”

Of course, it was just the Artistic Liaison calling to find out where I’ll be covering from tonight. But, oh man, is my heart pounding!!

Since tonight is a live radio broadcast, I have to cover from inside the theater. Other nights I’ll be able to cover from home, since I live so close (I have to be within 20 minutes of the theater, on Manhattan), but tonight I’ll take Elixir and my libretto book and do some studying in the cafeteria.

If you want to listen to the broadcast, go here and scroll to the bottom. (You’ll need Real Player; there’s a link to download it if you don’t have it.) If you’re not familiar with the opera, read the synopsis first, then just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous music and exemplary singing.


Carrie said...

Can you imagine?! That woulda been somethin', huh?

Ariadne said...

Honestly, ACB, I don't know how you stand the suspense every time they call from the Met on your "on" days. It must be totally nerve-wracking yet completely thrilling!

BTW, I have a language technical question here. Can you post the IPA or some approximation thereof for the names in this opera? (I've heard such *wildly* different pronunciations in recent weeks, so I thought I'd come to the source, so to speak.)

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