Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SIS: Self-Imposed Study

Coloratur…aaah has given my study program a title, most likely the same title she gives her own: Self-Imposed Study, or SIS. Yesterday was the first day, and, of course, it got off to a bit of a slow start! But I did it. I sat down with a score (two scores, actually) and my keyboard and delved a bit. (And, yes, I frittered a bit of time away online, but not nearly as much as usual!)

I spent equal time working on music with a deadline (Strauss) and future potential music (Gretel). I think this will likely continue to be the format of my SIS, as I always, hopefully, will have both kinds of music on my plate. Today’s combination will be the Strauss again (“Holy Strange Harmonic Changes, Batman!”) together with Elixir of Love. The latter fits the bill for both current and future, as I have to learn Giannetta (aka, Head Village Girl) for April and I’d like to perform Adina (the lead) someday as well. I know much of the role, but haven’t sung through it since I actually learned what bel canto singing is all about, so it will be fun to go back to it.

But before I get to work, I need to get to the post office. I also spent some time yesterday working on some competition applications, and one of them needs to be postmarked today. Just as the fall is known as “audition season,” spring is kind of “competition season,” with companies and foundations around the country hosting competitions of all sizes and reputations. I can only apply for those which are based in NYC, as I can’t travel out of town very easily while at the Met, but there are three high profile competitions that I know I can participate in. But, just as with applying for apprentice program auditions, there’s always a chance that I won’t be selected to sing in the preliminaries. “Application does not guarantee an audition…” I’m hoping that having a Sullivan Award on my resume will help give me a nudge. We’ll see.

I have an audition tomorrow, so I’ll be laying low tonight, trying to find the hydration balance that is elusive while on decongestants! At least this cold hasn’t turned into a cough, so I feel like I’ll be over it in just a few more days.

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