Friday, December 29, 2006

Blogroll Update

Here are a few more blogs I’ve added to my Bloglines feeder over the past few months, and a couple I’ve been reading for a while now but have somehow neglected to get on the blogroll. As always, the full blogroll can be found here; I’ve updated the sidebar blogroll, as well.

Campbell Vertesi - Young (newlywed) bass expounds on the state of opera.
eighth blackbird - The new music darlings are blogging!
Foodie NYC - local food blogging
Jessica Duchen - London-based music writer and novelist
MetBlog - the New Met
Musical Perceptions
Opera Chic - Opera Chic goes to La Scala and you don’t
SoHo the Dog - My new favorite music geek
Sequenza21 - Reports on contempory classical music

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