Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yea!!! My iPod is back from the dead!

And I have a fully stocked kitchen. Well, stocked enough for a week of breakfasts and snacks. I have a microwave, which is nice, so I got some popcorn. I brought a couple of Netflix movies along, so I can have a quiet movie night at "home." Some tea, protein bars, my favorite Irish cheddar, alll my breakfast goodies, and it's almost like my home kitchen. But bigger...

I've also managed to already to some shopping damage! Anthropology has so many lovely, lovely things right now. I bought a green cowel neck sweater and a perfect plum-colored dress. I've been having great luck with clothes recently, finding pieces that will last a long time, stay "in style," and are versatile and fun. Classics with a twist, that's what I like! But from now on, all the shopping will be Christmas presents. For other people!

Time to warm up.

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