Sunday, December 17, 2006


I have a wonderful concert gown that I bought for last year’s concerts with Seattle Baroque. I bought it with CT the DT at a bridal shop in Wallingford, so it was my first gown that didn’t come from Nordstrom Rack or (C)Ross Dress for Less! (Two of my best gowns were less than $30, both at Ross!! Shhhhh…) This gown is beautiful cinnamon color, and is actually a skirt and a separate bustier. I instantly fell in love with the silhouette of the skirt; called a “souffle” skirt, it is gathered and tucked in mysterious ways and looks like an holiday confection. Since I’m on the thin side, I like a gown that gives me a bit more presence on stage, and this fits the bill. I wear it with a velvet bolero-type jacket (to cover my shoulders for sacred music) and a long black ribbon tied in a bow at the waist. (Hmm, I think I have a picture from last year's concerts at Benaroya around somewhere; I’ll dig it out and post it.)

The real story of this gown, though, is that I didn’t have time to wait for them to order my size, so I bought the floor sample – which was a size 10! My skilled mother-in-law took out an entire panel of the bustier and a few inches out of the waist of the skirt, and it fit like a dream! It’s probably a bit big for “everyday” wear (whatever that is), but for singing, it’s perfect. I have plenty of room to expand my abdomen and ribcage, but have no fear of the strapless bustier falling down! Thanks, MR, if you’re still reading. I think of you every time I put it on.

When I wear this gown, I have to be prepared to get as many compliments, if not more, about it as I do about my singing! On Friday night, I even had a seamstress come up to me, so I got to tell the story of the alterations. She was very impressed!

Last night, I got two other compliments that stood out from the standard “"great job/thank you/beautiful dress" crowd. One a bit bizarre, but sweetly delivered: “You are just the most delicious thing! I told my friend, ‘She could puke on stage, and it would be worth watching!’” Um, thanks? hehehe

The second was quite possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received. A tall gentleman who looked not a little like James Cromwell said, “I want you to know that I loved both your singing and your voice. I think you’ll understand what I mean.”

Yes, I do, sir, and thank you for the reminder. We all have a voice; it’s what we do with it that sets us apart. (And again, as with my previous post, I’m not just talking about singing…)


stephen marc beaudoin said...


The whole last weekend was a delicious treat.

And - OMG! - did everyone read that marvelous article in the Willamette Week on spirituality and music? ACB is TOTALLY quoted in it and she sounds so CHARMING and WITTY! ; )

Here's the link...

... truly, tho, it was great to see you. I hope this is the start to a new chapter in our friendship.



Anonymous said...

Of course I'm still reading and it wasn't so difficult to make the adjustments. Good luck in '07 and love.

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