Sunday, December 17, 2006

“Unconditional Gentleness”

A beautiful post from Donna Racik (an assistant conductor) over on the MetBlog. Bringing any opera to life is a challenge, but most especially (is that redundant?) a new one. Her point about the work the librarians have to do is a good one, and one easily missed, even by the performers. At the end of rehearsal, we get to go home, but the librarians, crew, management, and music staff all have hours more work ahead of them.

But I love the idea that, even when everyone is stressed to the max, the permeating attitude is one of “unconditional gentleness.” It’s not really that hard. It’s simply a matter of keeping your eyes open and recognizing the work that others have to do. If we are gentle with each other, the work goes much more easily for all involved.

Sounds like something that should be applied to more areas of our lives…

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Ariadne said...

Buried back here a little ways, I want to thank you for your lovely blog posts, so full of the joy of musical discovery, the justifiable simple pride in your musical accomplishments and your willingness to share it with us, your readers.

I sincerely enjoy, value & often even treasure your insights, Anne Carolyn. ("Unconditional Gentleness" in this post is a great example, as was the post about how to learn atonal music, posts about auditions, travel, vocal health and so many more!) Thank you for letting me read along; I always consider it a rare privilege.

So Happy New Year! May 2007 be full of more joyful discoveries & accomplishments for you along this singer road we travel.

Your devoted fan & fellow singer-blogger,
Ariadne (aka Andrea)

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