Monday, February 18, 2008

Italian Lessons via Opera Libretti

Words I didn’t need to translate in the Barber score, thanks to my time with Figaro:

biglietto - letter
cugino - cousin
guardare - to look
sigillo - seal
ebbene - well then
ragazza - girl
gridare - to shout
rabbia - rage
testa - head
lontano - far away
foglio - paper
niente paura - have no fear
cervello - brain
pazzo - crazy

Not to mention all the verbs and pronouns and adjectives… And, of course, the expletives: ohime! maledetto! scellerato! indegno! ohibo! cospetto!

1 comment:

Chris Foley said...

Some of those Italian expletives might come in handy next time I'm in a committee meeting.

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