Saturday, February 23, 2008

Packing miscellany

Sorry, this visit home was waaaay to short to get any blogging time in!! I’ll have my laptop on the road with me this weekend, though, so hopefully I’ll find time to jot down some thoughts. I’m sure a story or two will pop up on a tour with a bunch of college kids; it sure was weird during the recording to be the veteran… I’m probably ten years older than most of the orchestra, on average, which is not a negligible difference. Lots of experience in those ten years… But the fact remains that I still often feel like a student, like I have no idea what is next or what I’m doing or how I got here. Weird.

Tonight I packed between Rosina study sessions, and tomorrow morning will be more of the same. I’m using smaller suitcase this time, with new cool packing things (an early birthday present from M&D!), but since the trip is only five days I can’t really feel like that’s an accomplishment. Nick and I will be making all legs of our journey together (including a stint on the orchestra bus… flashbacks!); maybe we should do some kind of blog swap!

Three days at home. Lots crossed off the to-do list, but also time for dinners and breakfasts and beers with friends. Oh, and an opera. I took lots of mental notes. Lots. So many choices!

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Patty said...

I'm 51. FIFTY ONE. Sigh. I still feel like a student much of the time.

I teach at two universities. I still feel like a student much of the time.

And sometimes I sit on stage and think what is going on? What am I doing here. And when will they discover I'm a sham? Or, in the other scenario, when will they finally come up and say, "Look, we've let you stay and we've been nice and, well, all those compliments? Well ... we were just trying not to hurt your feelings. Please quit."

Ah the voices. The insecurity.

Of course if I were in the Met ... now that might reassure me a bit! :-)

But, to be honest ... mostly the "How did I get old so quickly and don't I still look as if I could pass for a student?" ;-)

Sorry to ramble. Readying your post just brought it all back to me.

Enjoy the ride! (Literally and figuratively.)

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