Monday, February 11, 2008

Status updates


… loves reading about people she knows in major publications.

… also loves it when her friends win Grammys!!!

… wore leg warmers today. In a non-ironic sense. To a donor brunch at a country club.

… was reminded yet again of the power of the Sitzprobe.

… is proud of Leon Fleisher.

… is grateful for a good cast, sweet friends, and strangers who go out of their way to say kind things because they “thought you should know.”

… still really misses her Granddaddy.

… loves the cold, but not the ice.

… is grateful to her father for teaching her to drive in bad weather.

… is hoping against all odds to find a sassy dress for opening night somewhere in the greater Grand Rapids area.

… has a big To Do list this week, but has time To Do things.

… can’t wait for her day off!!

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