Friday, February 15, 2008

Pre-game show

I had planned to write about all the stagecraft things I’ve learned on this gig, but my day has gotten away from me! I got a fantastic night of sleep, almost sleeping until noon, then spent the afternoon working on the program for the Sing For Hope concert. It’s going to be fantastic. March 2nd, UWS NYC, 3pm, be there.

About an hour ago my hands started getting clammy and my nerves started working, so I went to go start warming up my voice, hoping to settle down a bit. I’ve been humming and lip-trilling absent-mindedly (sp?) all day, but it was time for Phase One of my game day warm-up. (I promise another post with specifics, if you care…) It worked, mostly, and now I’m eating some black beans with polenta (my starch of choice these days), and gathering my things for a night at the theater! I didn’t get my cards done for opening night, so they will closing night cards, but I did pick up a few little gifts yesterday. I did manage to find a darling dress for the opening night party (pictures forthcoming, I hope), so I need to get changed soon. The question for tonight: wear my cute black pumps? or wear the snow boots and then change… dilemmas, I tell you.

I’m meeting TM in 45 minutes to give him his ticket for tonight, and then I’ll disappear into my dressing room to do my pin curls and complete my pre-game show: a bit more warming up, studying my notes, reviewing those lines that I managed to get right in the final dress but am still a bit nervous about, start praying that I’ll make it through that Act II Finale with a bit more grace tonight.

Here we go!!

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Merde, ACB!

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