Saturday, May 10, 2008

30 Days

Ok, enough is enough. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I am following the example of several of my blogging compatriots and starting a 30-day blogging program. As I said to B tonight, I hope that writing every day will get things moving again, like a high-fiber diet for my writing. I will post something every day, however asinine or poorly constructed (or brilliant or exquisite!).

I’ll certainly have plenty of fodder. In the next 30 days - in addition to posting daily - I will:
* sing two final performances of Macbeth
* have a couple of voice lessons
* take the train up the Hudson to visit a friend and see a concert
* travel to Atlanta for concerts with the ASO - and a big family gathering centered around the concerts, my cousin’s high school graduation, and my mom’s birthday!
* meet with a couple of my teachers from high school
* pack up and relocate to Virginia for the summer!
* buy a summer car, hopefully with less drama than last year
* take a plane to the Mississippi to visit a friend and see an opera
* study for summer roles and brainstorm for next years’ recitals

If I can’t find anything to write about in all of that, well... it might be time to quit this thing. No, not really. I’ll get it back. But life is different now then it was a few months ago, in wonderful ways, so I guess it’s to be expected that things will shift and definitions will change. It’s a good thing. I’ll try to include more photos with these posts, too, snapshots from daily life, boring as they may be.

Ok. Let’s get started...


nick said...

May the force be with you, darling!

Anonymous said...

Oh I need your help and spirit. I'm writing a 10-page article with a deadline of May 23rd. Stream of consciousness and a heavy dose of inspiration is needed.

I'm with you on this one. :) All best.

Citizen F said...

This is Andrew (made a new blog). Good luck with the blogging! You know I love to read it. :) Also, I just listened to Ainadamar for the first time, and it's incredible! Even though I've said it before, congrats on being a part of such an amazing piece of music (and winning a Grammy)!

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