Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dress

Remember that Badgley Mischka dress I’ve been talking about for about a year but never managed to get a picture of? Well, here you go!Andy took this picture, and he told me to “work it;” hence the silly pose and sly smile. I don’t have on my lipstick yet, but you get the general idea. You can’t see the bottom of the skirt, but it’s a fishtail skirt with a small train. So lovely.

I knew months ago that I would wear this dress for these concerts; in fact, I bought the dress largely because of them (thanks, KG, for the tip!). To my mind, when I’m singing a non-religious concert with an orchestra, flashy is the way to go. Show a little skin, wear a bright color... be fun and flirty! When I asked the mezzo on the concert what she was wearing, she gave an answer that almost seemed like the punch line to a joke about the difference between sopranos and mezzos: “Oh, you know, I thought - orchestra concert, so something black, kind of simple.” hehe

She looked like a million bucks in her “simple” black velvet gown and sang a fantastic “I Hate Men.” With Andy and Nic in their tails and the actors in their basic black, I think we were all good representatives of our “types!”


Susan said...

Awesome dress! Great color. Looks great! The "work it" pose works. :)

Anonymous said...


Looks great - and I have decided that if this singing thing doesn't work out, I will become Stylist to the Opera Stars.


Melissa said...

Hey now. Plenty of mezzos like to wear bright colors and be a little flashy and flirty... :)

Beautiful dress -- that's a great color for you!

Opera said...

fits perfectly, and that is what's most important!

rb said...

it's a gorgeous dress because it's draped on you! honestly you could sing and move in a grocery sack and still look stunning....the performance was great but imho you were both the glitter and the glue that made the evening and i wish i could have seen your shoes which i understand were très elegant

i made a few pix of not so stellar quality- enough to base a portrait on, i think though, i'll let you know

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