Monday, May 19, 2008

The Hard Way

Not too long ago I was saying to B that I’d always had good luck with “cutting it close” for flights, avoiding long waits before a flight by planning my trip to the airport just so. We laughed about it and said that it was probably a matter of time before my luck ran out, before I learned the hard way that I should always leave more time than I think, rather than less.

Well, today I learned.

Late out the door, traffic in Manhattan, traffic on the expressway, getting dropped off at the wrong terminal... Any one of those things could have been surmountable, but add them all up, and the lead up to a missed flight. Fortunately, I was flying to a major city on a major airline, so I just got rebooked on the next flight, one hour later than planned. It cost me $50, but it could have been much worse. And next time, I imagine I’ll be early.

I’m in the same hotel I was in back in 2005 for the Ainadamar recording and in 2006 for the La Pasion tour. Feels very familiar and comfortable. I have a lovely suite with a balcony and a luxurious (hopefully not-too-soft) bed, but the hotel has no free internet! I can plug into the wall for $12.95 A DAY or I can go down to the 2nd floor Business Center and use the wireless - 90 minutes for $15!!! Unbelievable! I guess they’re used to business people with expense accounts. Thank god for unencrypted wireless signals flying through the ether. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my daily posting this week. I’m getting this one in under the wire... cutting it close, yet again!


DesperateOperawife said...


I've tagged you, if you are interested. Hope you are well.

Desperate Operawife


Wow, they've increased their price by $3 since you were there in 2005! I'm surprised prices are that's only Atlanta. Break a leg with your performances! I can't make it out, but I think my mother will try to go. Wish I could hear/see you! :)

Yankeediva said...

Oh, whoops - HI, ACB!! I didn't see that you had been tagged, but I've done the same as DOW ... consider yourself doubly loved!!!

CHEERS - and welcome to the missed flight club!!!

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