Monday, May 12, 2008

Picture Pages: May 08, NYC

No story or big writing assignment tonight, just some pictures from the rainy day. (I uploaded them all small, so click to enlarge, if you are so inclined.) (Ok, I don't know why the layout is so weird... sorry. I'm working on it...)

My beloved morning coffee ritual.

What is better than an omelet and a salad for lunch? (Especially when it is made with love by a friend...)

Nick and I played "the headshot game" with the new lens...

...I predict this will be a popular game this summer...

After a lovely afternoon of food and catching up and talk of Purcell, it was back out into the rainy day.


Kim said...

I predict that playing The Headshot Game this summer could be quite useful, especially with some studio folks who are desperately in need of some temporary photos! Hmmmm

MG said...

To continue Synchronicity R Us: shutterbug here, too (and also a Canon girl, despite all those Nikon naysayers ;)

Actually, kidding aside (and I've had a post lurking in my mind for ages on this), I swore after being on tour for 6 months that I would never again go on the road without a camera; forcing myself to look at where I am through the camera lens- no matter how seemingly dull the place helps me discover a lot more things about it and it makes me think. And keeps me busy! It's all good :)

Thanks for posting the pictures :)

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