Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home? On the Road?

I’m definitely feeling more settled here now, finding the routine and letting myself relax into the reality of life here. And, in truth, the reality is pretty nice! A beautiful home for these three months, lots of quiet and space, and the only thing I “have” to do is a job I love with great colleagues. It kind of feels like vacation!

Yesterday I bought a few of my “creature comforts” to make it feel more like home: a French press for my morning coffee and some Hendrick’s and Knob Creek for my nightcaps. (M.C-, wish you were here to break in the Hendrick’s with me!) My box of books and music arrived yesterday via USPS media mail, so I have more of those little things that make it feel like I live here.

There are different ideas about how to settle in on these long gigs. Some people prefer, as I do, to get nested and really feel at home. At least, I think that’s what I prefer; I’ve never tried it any other way. Other people like to maintain a sense of “just visiting,” maybe by keeping their clothes in the suitcase or by not recreating their home routines on the road. I’d guess that these folks are more likely to have somewhere that really feels like Home to them, a house or apartment to which they always return, so it makes sense. I, on the other hand, don’t have that place, at least currently. I make myself at home where ever I’m working.

I tend to be healthier on the road, more well-balanced. Maybe it’s having a kitchen all to myself, but I buy better groceries, eat breakfast and pack a lunch, carry healthy snacks (most of the time). I often start my days on the road with some yoga, something I could never get into the habit of in my shoebox of an apartment in NYC. I read more, I waste less time on the internet, I spend less money. I think I might even talk to my family more.

Maybe I need to rethink my idea of Home rather than my idea of On the Road…

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nick said...

Great minds...Funny when we become more "ourselves" when we think we're escaping. It's like we allow ourselves more alone time and better self-nurturing because we are away, even though we should do the same at home. Maybe it's because we take the sense of self-care for granted when we are at home...but perhaps we shouldn't, and we should remain vigilant.

I'm's late here. ;-)

Be well!

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