Sunday, May 20, 2007


The recital was wonderful! It was well received, and all the risks we took paid off. Judd's piece was a hit, as I suspected, and everyone is excited to hear more. I’ll spend some time later in the week talking through the experience, but for now, Steve’s review does a wonderful job of presenting some of the more non-standard elements of the recital. Thanks for the kind words, Steve! Glad you were there.

We raised a little money, and thanks to all who have donated so far via the $15 Pledge Challenge! I’ll be dropping focus on The Bhakti Project for a while, so this will be the last solicitation until things pick up again in the fall, when we turn our eye to the recording project. Thanks for your support!

How I wish, wish, wish I could take a week off!! To just sit on the couch and read books and watch movies or go out to leisurely dinners… But, alas, as is the nature of things, I’ve been off and running on the next projects before the recital was even over.

Remember Wolf Trap? Yeah, me, too. I leave on Wednesday, so I’m busy for the next few days packing, making sure I know my role, and looking for a car. (I’ll be buying a used car rather than renting all summer. I’ve had good luck with this in the past; here’s hoping the Car Karma continues!)

I’ll be back probably at the end of the week, once I’m settled in my summer home. Be good to each other until I get back!


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful recital. Aside from the aspects praised in the review, there was one thing I particularly enjoyed experiencing. Looking around the audience, I felt *old*. I'm 45, and I must have been well over the average age. It's good to see that singers like you are speaking to a future audience.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the recital, and thank you for introducing new music into the world.

If you get a free day this weekend, let me know. The pool opens and you can come over and swim!

Anonymous said...

ACB, I'm still around. You'll see me on gmail, so you're more than welcome to chat with me if you need to keep up.

Don't think for a second I won't be coming around these parts frequently.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the recital went well! I'm RA-ing at the Governor's Honors Program later this summer, and I fully plan on giving the Bhakti Project a nice donation. :) Good luck at WolfTrap!

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