Thursday, October 18, 2007


My audition book has been tweaked a bit since the summer; I’m feeling really good about “the list” this year.

Audition Arias, Winter 2007

It: Gilda; Caro nome
It, Baroque: Morgana, Tornami a vagheggiar
It, bel canto: Lucia; Regnava nel silenzio
Ger: Pamina; Ach, ich fühl’s
Fr: Manon; Adieu, notre petite table
Eng: Baby Doe; Dearest Mama

Also available; to be traded in, if needed, to tailor an audition:

It: Nannatta; Sul fin d’un soffio etesio
It: Adina; Prendi, per me sei libero
Fr: Juliette; Je veux vivre
Eng: Yum-Yum; The Sun, whose rays are all ablaze”

Also On the “Piano:”

For Oct. 25th, “pick-up” recital with Djordje Nesic at VIM:

Rachmaninoff songs and Vocalise
Poulenc, Fiancailles pour rire
maybe some Bellini songs…

For the Inaugural 5 Boroughs Music Festival concert (Nov. 1):
John Musto, “Litany”
selections from Alan Smith’s “Vignettes: Ellis Island”
Brahms, Liebeslieder Waltzes

To keep fresh, “just in case:”
Judd Greenstein, Hillula

Met assignments:
Iphigenie en Tauride, 1st Priestess/Greek Woman
Hansel & Gretel, Dew Fairy
War & Peace, French Actress
Macbeth Apparition and Barbarina, of course

For February recording and tour:

Evan Chambers, The Old Burying Ground

A few scores for potential gigs, acquainting myself with roles

And always:

Le nozze di Figaro!!


Chris said...

Which Rachmaninoff songs are you learning?

Maury D'annato said...

Wow, "Sayonara, table"! And "The Sun whose Rays"--good stuff. Do you do the spoken intro? It would make me laugh to hear you say "Sometimes I sit and wonder, in my artless Japanese way, why it is that I am so much more attractive than anybody else in the whole world." Maybe not such a good idea after all, but what a perfect song it is.

Anonymous said...

How do you not get overwhelmed with the amount of music on your "piano"? Maybe it's something about fall and pending auditions, but I am, at this moment, overwhelmed. I thought making a list would help, but it made it worse :-(

TJM said...

mmm...Litany is one of the best songs ever. I found that it works well with organ accompaniment (whether or not the congregation will be OK with the word "scum" is a different question).

alex said...

Ooo, that's such a yummy list of all sorts of musical goodies (as a coworker/superior would say -- the goodies part, not the music - but I digress).

This combined with your previous post seem to make the good point that music as work can sometimes drain the pleasure out of something one once enjoyed, but can also (if you let it) pick you up like nothing else can.

Also, I second Chris' question of which Rach songs are you learning? I don't know how recording averse you are when it's things you're learning, but I'm currently making my way through the complete (I think?) Rach songs as recorded by Elisabeth Söderström and Vladimir Ashkenazy. Yum (but I may be in the minority in my enjoyment of Söderström's singing -- though if Maury shares my Mesplé likes, perhaps he might too?).

Wow, long. Anyhow, long time no comment so this seems apropos. It's always lovely to read your thoughts as blogged!

ACB said...

Lisa, I'll write a post about your question...

Chris and Alex: my Rach songs are:
from Opus 21:
How fair this spot
No prophet I
from Opos 8:
A prayer
(All in Russian)

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