Monday, October 08, 2007

Two little birds

Today my neighbors will be a bit confused, because they’ll be hearing not one but TWO lyric sopranos warming up and preparing for auditions.

Yep, this weekend I’ve been lucky enough to play host to my dear friend RC, who is in town for a quick audition before heading back home to Houston. We’ve had great talks about rep and auditions and jobs and job (in)security, as well as catching each other up on all the wonderful things our colleagues are up to. I’m sad she has to leave this evening!

I often wonder what my neighbors think when they hear me singing. My closest neighbors, the ones next door, know me, but I wonder what folks who don’t know me think. Are they annoyed? Do they like it? Do they wonder what I look like?

I learned one neighbor’s thoughts last week, when we stopped in very non-NYC fashion and chatted a bit on the sidewalk. He’s an actor, and when I told him I was an opera singer he said, “Oh, is that you I hear singing in the afternoons?” When I said yes, likely, he said that I didn’t fit at all with his image of the person that went with the voice.

“I thought you were…”
“No, not fat, but…” (holds his hands in front of his chest)
“Yeah! And with dark hair, maybe down past your shoulders, kind of Mediterranean looking. You look so… English.”

So, apparently, there’s a bit of Carmen in my voice these days! Hot.

Audition today, then rehearsing Rachmaninoff with KG for the recital on Thursday night. This will be part of the same VIM series that presented the Bhakti recital in May. I’ll post more info soon, and send an email to my NYC mailing list, but for now, if you’d like to hear some piano chamber music and you’ll be in NYC on Thursday night, come down to TriBeCa!

After rehearsal, drinks with bloggers! We’re having our first NYC music blogger meet-up, of sorts, in honor of M.C-’s short trip to the city. Rest assured there will be bourbon…


manprano said...

Imagine the surpirse MY neighbors got when they figured out who was letting fly with all the high Q#'s.

YL aka TrippleGrandeBreveCapuccino said...

Oh, RC and ACB together!!!!! tear...

boston_sop said...

What do you consider proper "practicing etiquette" in an apartment? I don't practice after 8:00 p.m., and no more than 30 minutes at a time on weekdays, 45 minutes on weekends. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm not a professional singer (aspiring or otherwise).

Would you mind writing, or linking to an earlier post, about how you started singing, i.e. school chorus, in the shower, etc? Do you play any other instruments?

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