Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tonight, with Djordje

Nocturne Op. 5 - Despic

Vocalise, Op. 34 No. 14 - Rachmaninov

Two Nocturnes Op. 27 - Chopin
1. c# minor
2. Db major

Fiancailles pour rire - Poulenc
La Dame d'Andre
Dans l'herbe
Il vole
Mon cadavre et doux comme un gant

Moment musical in Db major - Rachmaninov
Prelude in G major
Prelude in g# minor
How fair this spot
No prophet I

The printed program also includes the following note:

If you choose to follow along with the text, please turn pages quietly.

Another option: skim the poems ahead of time and then just let me tell you the story...

We'll see how that works!

Tomorrow morning I'll be accompanying my lovely niece to her first opera! We'll go to the final dress rehearsal of The Magic Flute, and I think we're both very excited. I'll post a full report of both events this weekend, in between Iphigenie study sessions. Rehearsals for that start on Monday!


nick said...

Hey there - I am sorry I couldn't make it! I like your program notes!
I hope it went well!

kimvox said...

Iphigenie is a wonderful production - I know you will enjoy it!


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