Monday, October 31, 2005

Look what came today!!

Now I don't want to go teach! I want to stay home, curl up before the fire and translate operas! This is all part of my goal to study Cosi fan tutte and Falstaff this year. (We'll see how that goes without any sort of deadline hanging over my head...)

Hooray for Nico's libretto books!! Now that I own some, I feel like a real, grown-up singer. =] Posted by Picasa


whfropera said...

where did you find those? they look great!!

ACB said...

They are truly amazing! Every line of the opera libretto is broken down into three, sometimes four lines: the original text, an IPA transcription, a word for word translation, and, if necessary, a line to help make sense of the word for word. All the work that (honestly) should be done before you start to learn a role is done for you!

I got mine at TIS Music online. They are often available for browsing at libraries, especially music school libraries. But I felt it was time to own! =]

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